Solar thermal

Maximum professionalism and an experienced team for our solar thermal manufacturing engineering activities. From our offices in Valladolid and Cáceres, we work on numerous solar energy projects.

Manufacturing engineering

METALSEC defines and implements the manufacturing processes necessary for the manufacture of any type of metallic structure of the solar field that ensures compliance with the high quality and supply requirements.

Likewise, METALSEC also establishes the necessary processes for the assembly of the structures prior to their implantation in thesun field.

Project management

METALSEC designs and optimizes the Supply Chain inherent to any supply process for metal structures in concentrated solar energy projects thanks to the extensive international experience of its team in the area of Project Management.

From the selection of the most suitable suppliers to manufacturing and control under the most demanding quality parameters.

15 years of experience in solar thermal manufacturing

The METALSEC engineering and quality team has participated in the manufacture of structural components for the solar field of CSP plants in the following projects and countries:

  • SOUTH AFRICA: Bookport, Xina, Kathu and Ilanga I.
  • MOROCCO: Noor I, Noor II and Noor III.
  • KUWAIT: Shagaya.
  • SAUDI ARABIA: Dubai.
  • UNITED STATES : Tonopha.
  • CHINA: Urat.
  • SPAIN: Andasol I, II, III, Extresol I, II, Manchasol I, II, Valle I, II, Termosol I, II, Puertollano, Morón De la Frontera and CSP Plant for Heineken in Seville.
Solar thermal manufacturing